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MODULISME (translates MODULARISM) is a new media supporting leftfield MODULAR SYNTHESIS. A radio program, magazine, and above all label-like offering music for you to listen to...

MODULAR SYNTHESIS: a process for creating sounds using a synthesizer composed of a set of independent modules where each performs a function: oscillator (VCO), filter (VCF), amplifier (VCA), envelope generators, effect, mixer... The choice of modules and their interconnection is completely free in order to push further the traditional patterns...

Our desire is to let the sound-designer express himself during one hour by playing live or studio recordings of his choice.

We are developing a platform that will document the genre and draw attention upon the composers who make it strong.

The great webzine FreQ from UK has offered to relay our platform. Meaning that whenever we have a session released their chief editor Richard Fontenoy will also feature a variation online…


Philippe Petit
The artistic choices are made by Philippe Petit, an activist around unusual-leftfield music since the 80's supporting amazing musics through his labels Pandemonium and BiP_HOp. Today Philippe is studying Electroacoustic composition at the Conservatoire, specializing in spatialization and modular synthesis using the resources of Moog Model 15, Minimoog Model D, Buchla Easel "The Electric Music Box", RSF Expander Kobol, Arp 2600, in order to make his electronic abstractions.

Cédric LH
This web media is continuously hand-coded by Cédric LH, aka CLH, a creative hacker who mixes code, graphics and sounds for owned or loved projects around the world.

Idées Chauves
Guillaume Amen a.k.a Idées Chauves is active as professional illustrator and graphic designer since 1999. His passion for music leads him to create lots of printed materials for musicians.